Animal Trailer Review | Detailed analysis Ranbir Kapoor

Detailed Animal Trailer Review The trailer starts, I heard carefully that the sound of firecrackers was added in the background

and in the background of the video If look, a lot of lamps are lit, okay, we are going to go into more details, after the lightning, 

the official trailer of Animal looked absolutely amazing and showed so many emotions in more than 3 minutes, 

whereas if we talk about movies like Bhola Shamsher or Gadar 2 whose tuition is there, the Hype was created,  

but after the trailer came, everything became reality but in the case of Animal, it is getting even crazier, the title of the picture is so suiting. 

Now you can guess that Animal is a freaking animal, but one thing that we could confirm after watching this trailer is that this movie is going to be very long 

which means that the childhood  of Ranbir Kapoor’s character will also be shown. Look at before then before the marriage, 

after the marriage and after becoming a gangster, he meets Bobby Deol and the fight is not over. 

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